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Project Overview
Prosthetic companies invest a lot of resources in the development of prostheses. However, throughout the years the foot shell remains the same and untouched.

Amputated people today live their lives in different lifestyles that require adjustments also in terms of their foot shells.

Step gives a new approach to the old prosthetic leg foot shell design.
My Contributions
As the project chief designer , I did full research on all the needs of the amputees I worked with, interviewing and testing models and mockups.

Through my research, I found out that till these days, the prosthetic leg companies are designing it to mimic exactly the shape of the foot without considering their real users' needs.

Till these days the prosthetic legs companies designing it to mimic exactly the shape of the foot without considering their users needs.

Difficulties and challenges arising from users ideas about  the existing foot shell:

  • Rapid wear and tear
  • Hard to remove from the prostheses
  • Hard to clean
  • Outdated aesthetics
  • Difficulty with matching different shoes
I chose to distinguish three worlds from these lifestyles


Helps to overcome some of the problems of the old traditional foot shell, and allows versatile Heights for the ankle with different insoles.

The closure of the foot is easy thanks to the quick lock lace mechanism.

I was inspired by the shape of the foot while looking for a clean shape that would give an innovative look.

From the research I found out that people do not want to get too far away from the traditional foot shape, and that there is an emotional charge that requires sensitivity to the target audience.


A foot shell that gives a fresh and sporty look for B.T.K amputees. allows better support on the surfboard, is easy to clean and it's fast to take off. all thanks to the Scuba fabric.

The arched shape of the sole on the heel side compensates for the immobility of the ankle joint.

The texture on the sole creates little vacuum pockets for a better connection with the surfboard.


An innovative foot shell for the climbers out there.

It has a concave shape and material combination of hard and soft rubber that allows better grip on the rock while climbing.

The shape came through a study of different shapes that I tried through climbing tests, the shape that was the easiest to climb with was concave with a sharp edge that helps climb small lugs.